TWILIGHT : Don’t « Sunk » Like They Do!!


It’s just like a Senior High School’s syndrome when teenagers are always do somethin’ that makes ’em coloring their life. It’s all about love. Love’s life in a twilight.

There are several things that we have to learn about, such as trust, family, friends, and sacrifice. Bella is created to be someone who has anything that any women’s need : pretty, has so many fans, and interesting. In the other, there’s an « out-of-reach » (absolutely in a real world) guy who called Edward who’s extremely gives a big chance and some point of view at her, chummy friends in some action days, and family tenderness who gives her spirits.

At the beginning, Isabella Swan, a 17-year-old girl moving from Phoenix to Forks, a tiny town in northeast- rainy Washington. From desert to temperate rain forest, Bella’s hopes and fears reflect the climate change. As she’s trying to adjust, she catches the eyes of the gorgeous-yet-unattainable Edward Cullen. She can’t get over his ethereal beauty and his arrogant indifference, even though his interest in her seems to be objective at best. Finally a nearly-fatal accident (with an impossible rescue by Edward) becomes the catalyst for their relationship.

The evidence stacks up that Edward’s more than just a member of a strange family: he disappears on the occasional sunny days, has extremely quick reflexes, and even admits a supernatural ability. With a little prodding, Bella finds out of a legendary treaty between the werewolves and the “cold ones” and finally makes the connection that Edward and the Cullens are indeed vampires. From there Bella and Edward’s feelings for each other spiral into a degree of romantic love usually only available in paperback.

Well, the subjective valuation see that most of teenagers are known-closely with love stories and sometimes they imagine some unbelievable things which attempted without full-healthy-mind when their feelin’ wrapped by love’s imagination. It’s evidenced by the unpredictable-feelin-girl, Bella, who has already started to weave a good relationship with an old -handsome-vampire, Edward. Suppose that normaly human create a relationship with something’s impossible and unreasonable, we can find so many stupidity built in this characters. However, it seems dramatically for some peoples.

In other cases, Edward do as well as girl thought of. He entrust all of his life to protect her (Bella) from dangerous things’ out side. He will do everything to make her alive. It’s some kinds of love’s sacrifice that should men do to women. So, many girls and women -audiences successfully float within’ it.

Heard that they (audiences) murmur about how sweet Edward is and most of them dream become Bella. Ironic, the audiences have already deceived by fictitious character.

They fall with the young guys-strength-sweet love story. No one can stop them to imagine. Audiences melt within’. They strongly receive positive feedbacks from the pair (couple) actions. Stephanie Meyer (the author) may become success !

However, no one criticize that it’s just about fiction. The truly madly fiction. But it can makes some of the peoples crying out, or maybe just dream about someone’s perfect like Edward. Carefully, there’s another side behind the aim : it makes people being fool!!! No one can become someone who loves you more than Allah do. There’s nothing sacrifice that the real man do even if he show ’em all. IT’S JUST A BIG NO!!!! So don’t sweep away… (a little advices for anybody who wanna knows)

Thought to become Bella is a big fault that i know.. It’s just a senior high school’s syndrome when they’re teenagers.. So, don’t sunk like they do!

Story-review-referenced by Adamanthenes

Opinion by Eghaliter The Musafir


5 réflexions sur “TWILIGHT : Don’t « Sunk » Like They Do!!

  1. semua orang yang membaca buku dan melihat film twilight pasti berkata : GILAAAA… KEREN ABIS NIH FILM… ROMANTIS ABIS… kayanya beruntung aja jadi Bella, uda cantik, pinter, ditaksir cowo ganteng yang punya kekuatan super vampir. Tapi yang terpenting cowo nya (Edward) kayanya cintaaaaaaaa banget sama Bella.. banyak yang dia pertahanin untuk Bella. Jadi wajar cewe-cewe pada kesengsem sama nih cerita.. setuju gak???

  2. hmm…..ana mah kagak ngerti artinya…coz pke bahasa inggris sih….
    di translet donk ke bahasa indonesia yang baik dan benar..hehe

    btw, bisa kunjungi artikel berikut: tentang boleh ga sih menjamak solat karena macet?? insya ALlah bermanfaat ukhti… apalagi bagi yang tinggal di kota2 besar yang lalu lintasnya sering macet..

    nih link-nya

    juga tentang kabar bahwa michael jackson masuk Islam! Alhamdulilah ala kulli hal…

    klik ajah di sini

    barokallahu fik… semoga ttp istiqomah di atas sunnah… 🙂
    bersemangatlah dalam menuntut ilmu, amal, dakwah, dan bersabarlah dalam melaksanakan ketiga hal tadi..

  3. klo dari sisi cerita menarik, sepasang ramaja yang sedang di mabuk asmara. walaupun menurut saya penulis novel twilight terlalu ngayal, mana ada vampire, heu2….boong lagi dech ni pelem!!!

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