I Love Cooking

steam-boatLong holiday! It seems like a new daily routinity. Well, i love stay in the kitchen and make some experiments. Last week, i made kalio (gulai) with fresh coconut milk (santan). Yesterday, i made my new idea, NASI GILA with kinds of meat like meat balls, saussages, and etc. I also made some breakfasts with Hamburgers and Hot Dog. Well, i almost forget to make Pizza. And now, i’ve already made STEAM BOAT. Don’t ever think that it was a BOAT, but it’s kind of Japanesse Food. With my crazy experiment, it successfuly became a delicious dinner i’ve ever felt.. Thanks for the trust, my Fam =) I LOVE YOU ALL


12 réflexions sur “I Love Cooking

  1. assalaamu’alaykum

    wao, making kalio, you did good job, keep trying,

    Je pense que kalio est la forme entre gulai et Rendang (quelque chose de sec)

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