Vampire Attacked!

Sounds crazy but it really has done..

Something that you don’t know the truth..

Where it came from..

When it made full of

But unfortunately that imagination absolutely fulfilled the brain as well..

Then it screaming loudly : « How can you fall into the fault? »

Then it ask to the foolish heart : « Did you know how wrong it is? »

The brain just hear its-made-questions with nothing to do within..

The brain has realized that it has fallen down into the vampire’s heart and has made something which is called Admiration!

God.. please help to raising up!

Back to the reality….


2 réflexions sur “Vampire Attacked!

  1. Waw.. It almost be perfect! Is the vampire seems adorable?? Who’s the persons who fallin in luv with the vampire? Girls surrounding you? Or it just… « the-heart-telling?? »

    Poor.. but i think that the vampire is cool..

    I guess he has a name…

    Mmm… *just chop off =) *
    Ups sorry if somebody get hurt.. hihihihi

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