Like a Broken Glass

Walking step by step for each time..

Growing and laughing, but seems to be unreal..

Here I am..

Breaking the shadows behind

Cracking my own’s heart

And leave the scratches..

I always say that I’m alright for all time

Try to be strong enough for all second times..

But sometimes get the powerless..

And fall down onto the floor..


Could you understand that I’m only a girl who has a fragile heart?

Could you see how hurt the scratches you left?

I stayed there and you saw nothing..

I put the softness then you shake your head..


Should I become a broken glass and missing the puzzle?

Life isn’t always run as a recreancy..

I’ll remember it as long as I’m breathing..

Thank you for a broken glass, friend…


3 réflexions sur “Like a Broken Glass

  1. Udahlah gha,life must go on…emang sih ga mudah,ya,seiring waktu lo harus ngelupain orang yang dah jahat ama kita…
    Kita bakal nemenin lo ngadepin ini smua…
    Love u ukhtiy,AAC slalu di sisi lo…
    Ngomong2 gw romantis bgt ya.hehehe.

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