The Contradiction of 2012

2012 is a 2009 science fiction disaster movie based loosely on the 2012 phenomenon and directed by Roland Emmerich. The film briefly references Mayanism, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, and the 2012 phenomenon in its portrayal of cataclysmic events unfolding in the year 2012. Due to solar flare bombardment the Earth’s core begins heating up at an unprecedented rate. This results in a series of Doomsday event scenarios plunging the world into chaos, such as California falling into the Pacific Ocean, the eruption of the Yellowstone National Park caldera, shifting of the continents by crustal displacement, and Megatsunami impacts along every coast line on the Earth. The movie centers around an ensemble cast of characters as they narrowly escape multiple catastrophes in an effort to reach ships in the Himalayas, along with scientists and governments of the world who are attempting to save as many lives as they can before the disasters ensue.

The contradiction of 2012 movie comes up after MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) had warned the government to re-review the permittance of the movie circulation in Indonesia.  MUI said that the content of movie was so contrary to the islamic’s provision. On the 2012, United States try to justify the Mayan Tribe Prediction with the ancient calendar for showing when world face the end of the earth. With the wonderful effect, United States showed the great descriptions and views about the ending. Moreover, they made a gigantic ship for humans and animals survival.

Seems has a resemblance between the gigantic ship and the story of Noah in the holy Qur’an. But the essence of contradiction based on the Mayan Tribes calendar-ending. As the representation of muslim, MUI has already warned so that the Indonesian peoples have to be careful with the prediction, cause in Islamic Provision, muslims didn’t know anything about when the end of the world will come to.

The frightened of MUI about the effect has made some elements showed their antipathy. They thinked that it’s just a movie show, no more. Don’t think too much about the fiction. They just enjoyed the awsome-movie-effect like the gigantic storm, the mighty mountains erupted, the horrible tsunami, and how people couldn’t get survive from the destiny.

However, I underlined that essentially every movie has their own propaganda. Such as « Inglorious Basterds » has their own propaganda about the image of Jewish and Nazi or « The Last Legion » about the story of kingdoms, or « The Day After Tomorrow », and so on. As well as « 2012 ». Roland Emmerich as the producers showed « the American type of ending« , not the Islamic type of ending, indeed.

So, if peoples passed off the influence of American way, they can take it easily as they thought. But if peoples affected, they actually are in danger!

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