Just a Little Bit Screwy (!)

Just looking at the untidy me.. Here I am, with a ton no-accomplished plans. Hoodoo! Many nights have been spent for the unprofitable things. As if no time hunt down on me and shredding me for the great punishment.

I’ve promised to my self one-time to get more power and  pretty intention about my last project. That’d be fine if I take some action and whet this brain intensively. However it couldn’t ! What a lazy being! Willing to stop this illness but suddenly need being reluctantly ! Gosh, how could I do ?

Leaving the literatures  and theories for awhile. Breathe in slowly and need to forget the heavy-think this night, at least. This thing suddenly come up and bother this dreaming-time ! Hard to close these eyes and put the matters out of my head, but it seems couldn’t be! Oh, let me be, night!

I just piled up those messy-things and ready to pass this night soon.  But this feeling hard to compromised. Bad luck I’ve got my heart trampled by this fact, that I’m so into this silly case. Loving with a dopey ! Good job, good work for me, well. I have no feeling right now. I just need to be alone, here! Enjoying my silly-feeling and dump it out away within a regret !

It seems absurd, so that you could see nothing from this heart flow. Anyway, I’m on my screwy heart, in the screwy day with the screwy brain!

Let me be….


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