Hope Under The Rain

Dear Diary,

…. Jakarta was raining, and we walked in a shade of umbrella. Hope was next to me, very close, and protected me.  And we sat facing of each other, looked straight to the eyes. Chewing the pizza and shared our mind both.  I know it’s a sin. But God knows in very well that we’re in one sound of heart, love!

– 1 pm in the bus within rainy season –

We’re continuing meet. By the white screen on the unreal world. We read the mind, letters by letters. Hope asked for something, and I’ll did it well. Seems a little bit strange but one day I trust, Hope can be my shoulder to lean on. We shared our mind, words by words. Doing together under the night sky, in front of the screen. I knew this is hope, and you were my hope. But let me tell you that I love you, hope!

– 22 pm in my room –


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