O my cold evening…

O my cold evening…

This parable will show how the real painting of my heart was..

O my cold evening…

With an empty seat which was sowed by the pockmarked snows

I stood still there

Gazed that little lake in front of my head

That’s still quiet

And I moved on to sat down, slowly

Enjoying this damp

Breathing in, gazing upward the sky afterwards

To thought about this softness

To thought about this heart

Snows fell down diluting the freeze

And some dropped onto my lips, felt calm.

Probably it’s the same on you, O my cold evening..

Came to me with a less of words

With a soft of voice like the snowdrops

Came entering my life, so did my heart

With a warm-calm soul within a thousand tenderness

That made me feel so peacefully

O my cold evening..

I knew you hear this heart’s voices

O my cold evening..

Just let me lived with the trully snow, that’s the only one

For this heart…

And for this soul…

Avril 11, 2010


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