The Moaning of My Hanging Heart

Day’s came up

Door’s opened

Windows helped the sunshine enter the room

Sunny brighted

Lighted this vision

I caught up the weather…

Seems well

Looked up the outside

Children played within cheerful and some cried

Peoples wrestled within rushes

They mixed…

Into the diversity

I walked out then seeing them all

This proximity delivered me so into them

They laughed to me or cried

They shared with me or silent in the mum

They’re happy or sad to me

They screamed out loudly

Need to be heard

Need to be helped

Need to be hugged

Need to be warmed

Need to be calmed

And need to be loved

By me…

No one knows

None at all

There’s something pretended into this heart

I showed the biggest smile then hurt in it

Heard the life crisis always as if they forgot my trully load

I was drowning..

Within their lamented

With no air to safe me

With no space to let me out…

I smiled to you, then I cried behind you

I care to you, then I lost behind you

If God allow me to say, let me say to you : Stop complaining your loads. I need my rest.. please… Coz I can’t do this things to you over all…


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